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Automakers Win at Federal Circuit on Non-Patentable Subject Matter

West View sued several automakers for infringement of the former's patents.
A representative patent claim described the invention as "computerized apparatus capable of interactive information exchange with a human user." The Federal Circuit described the patents as hardware and software "to collect, organize, and display information." Read more...

US Government Loses at Federal Circuit on Patentable Subject Matter

Thales owned a patent for tracking the inertial motion of an object on a moving
platform. Conventional solutions measured motion relative to earth. The invention did not do so. Read more...

First Lady Melania Trump's Trademark Enforcement

The First Lady has reportedly hired trademark counsel to prevent the unauthorized use of her name and likeness in her home country of Slovenia. In Slovenia, it seems that folks have been using the First Lady's name and/or likeness on a variety of goods, from honey to pancakes. Her picture also appears on a billboard for a web company. Read more...

Abbott and Costello's "Who's on First" Comedy May Be Reviewed by the US Supreme Court

The heirs of the comedy duo Abbott and Costello brought a copyright infringement action against the producers of a Broadway play "Hand to God". The play incorporated, verbatim, more than a minute of the duo's famous routine "Who's on First." Read more...

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