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Merck's NuvaRing Patent is Not Obvious

NuvaRing is a vaginal ring that is a drug-delivery device used for contraception. The ring releases a constant daily dose of two hormones - progestin and estrogen.

Merck's patent requires the two hormones to be released from "one compartment." The prior art taught release from two compartments. And, the prior art explained the disadvantage of one compartment - the release of different hormones cannot be adjusted independently. Read more...

Boston Scientific Not Liable for Royalties on Coronary Stent

Dr. Jang assigned his patent to Boston Scientific (BSC), and BSC agreed to pay a royalty if BSC sold a stent covered by the patent.

Jang sued for royalties, and BSC asked the USPTO to reexamine the patent for invalidity. Read more...

Eli Lilly's Patent for Cancer Treatment Survives Challenge

Lilly's patent covered the use of vitamin B12 and folic acid to reduce the toxic events associated with the administration of cancer drugs - such as

Lilly's Alimta drug.
The patent identified "pemetrexed" as the most preferred "antifolate" (i.e., cancer drug). Read more...

Federal Circuit Throws Out Amgen Win Over Sanofi

The patent laws require that a patent contain a written description of the invention in "exact" terms. This ensures that the inventor actually invented the invention claimed - at the time of filing the patent application. Read more...

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